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M + N  Architecture



M+N Architecture s.r.l. is an Italian architectural firm which was born from the merging between two well respected architectural firms based in Florence, Italy: Marcon Architetti and nEmoGruppo Architetti. The professionals constituting the core design team of M+N boast more than 35 years of expertise in the field of interior design and architecture with the fulfillment of several projects of different kind and scale. Our services span from architectural design to landscaping and sustainable design, from interior and product design to urban design. M+N Architecture has an extensive portfolio of completed projects, in the educational, medical, residential and commercial sector. We are particularly specialized in educational buildings, from primary schools, to colleges and universities, healthcare from small clinics to large hospitals and interior design from office design to hospitality; through the years we have developed a strong experience in these fields, with many successful completed projects. Since 2010 M+N Architecture s.r.l. is present in the emirate of Abu Dhabi through its subsidiary company M N Florence Architects LLC, regularly licensed as  architecture and engineering consultancy firm in Abu Dhabi.