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Aldar Sustainable Villa


With the aim to satisfy the competition’s requests, that asks for a model of villa and masterplan certified Estidama, we follow some principles in line with our philosophy. The pillars of our philosophy are the human centered design, the relation with the local architectural tradition interpreted in a contemporary way and the environmental, economic, cultural and social sustainability. To effectively undertake the sustainable design task it is necessary to face all those aspects in the building design process that control final energy consumption and indoor environmental conditions, encouraging wherever possible passive technologies or active energy efficient technologies powered by renewable energy sources. This approach to sustainability is a key factor to our proposal. These sustainability strategies and attention to the needs of the inhabitants are key factors to our proposal.


  • PROJECT: M+N Architecture
  • CLIENT: Aldar
  • YEAR: 2015
  • TOTAL GROSS BUILD UP AREA : Masterplan 14 ha;  Villa 1 663,2 smq;  Villa 2  522,3 smq
  • PERFORMED SERVICES: Preliminary Design