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Halls Of Residence – Bicocca


The halls of residence working plan for Bicocca University in Milano regards mainly in the depth analysis and  improvement of  the technological and stylish aspects compared to the final schematic design phase. That threebuilding complex would house up to 429 students. The project, following the original guideline respectfully, gives a new skin to the buildings using color and fixed shading elements. Indeed, key design objective is to identify a better system both to protect facades from the sun  in the warmer hours and seasons and to  improve natural lighting quality of building interiors at the same time. Well-designed sun control and shading devices, supported by the redesign facilities can dramatically reduce building gain of peak heat and energy consumption and increase the energy efficiency of  the complex. The original idea to create three independent entities is intensified changing the white with three different intense colors as to show the indoor (common) life. The new dyes identify towers and emergency exits and feature exterior paths and the interrelationship between built and public space.Moreover fire exit geometry is better defined by an expanded mesh coating so new volumes appear and lay down with their transparency on the paint facades. Columns, colored panels and brise soleil come together uniformly to achieve a singular rhythm to the building facades. Outdoor design finds carefully the best solutions in urban furniture mainly made  with sustainable materials.

  • PROJECT: Marcon Architetti
  • YEAR: 2011-2013
  • CLIENT: CGF Costruzioni Generali
  • PERFORMED SERVICES: Detailed Design


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