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New Classroom and University Library for the Scientific Campus of Florence


The project fits into the floor grid for the new scientific campus of Florence. The complex of Classroom intends to be the summa between a traditional courtyard system and the use of materials, that, while remind to their historical use, are able  to draw a contemporary skin on the building, and draw new clean, flexible shapes, coherent with the life of the complex. Parcelling Plan prescribes the main formal perspectives. The project is strongly linked to a defined both dimensional and volumetric facility system and it was developed according to a logic that carries out the functional system. The classical attitude reminds to stately palace pictures which born as individual entities and confirm their essence through the time keeping their character and meaning. Yet the facades move in and overcome from the outline and  the historic alignments. The East and west facades are drawn with clever use of modularity and special attention to the flexibility which becomes essential design criteria. Flexibility that gives form to the plant too and reflects the specific need of the University to change the space use. The flexibility aim was achieved by creating a building in which, after setting the invariables such connective, service, backbone systems and local systems, everything else could be revised over time keeping costs low. Sustainable features have been put in place with the regulation of natural light through shading, massive facades with abundant wall thickness, carefully solar radiation on windows and through a photovoltaic system in the central court. The material characteristics give an almost usual aspect to the project, the concrete coating and the brick courses lead to a really strong local know-how, and the metal fixture combination outlines clearly and sensibly the elegance of the design gesture. Warm colors smother the building with familiarity and embed the architecture profile into a landscape that seems to be complementary.

  • PROJECT:  Marcon Architetti
  • YEAR: 1998-2001
  • CLIENT: CMSA Società Cooperativa, Muratori Sterratori e Affini, Montecatini Terme (PT)
  • PERFORMED SERVICES: Schematic and Detailed Design


+ Education