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New Community-Health District. Restoration of Montedomini Complex’s Part


This project involves the restoration, recovery and refurbishment of a part of Montedomini Pia Casa Complex for the realization of a Community Health District for Azienda Sanitaria 10 di Firenze, in order to provide a better integration between social and health services. The refurbishment interests the south – eastern portion  of the old Montedomini Community Health Center, made up of various parts which have different types and origins (about 1530). The hall and waiting rooms, rehabilitation gyms and the other activities that need easy access and large space able to host a wide range of users, such as General Register Office and CUP, are located on the ground floor, together with a secondary connective area assigned to clinics and administration. Activities for a smaller range of users and which require smaller spaces, usually a room size, are placed on the first floor together with the neuropsychiatry services and the community-health services. Basement recovery represents another important part of the intervention. The refurbishment of this space, lower than the other, concerns the insertion of glass walls through which the columns and the groin vaults of the building frame are clearly visible. The realization of The basement floor, characterized by the stone roof with groin vaults, gets a new character by the realization of the level – entry. The restoration provided also to place temporary activities, which involve various convention rooms, meeting and conference rooms.

  • PROJECT: Marcon Architetti
  • LOCATION: ITALY, Firenze
  • CLIENT: Azienda sanitaria USL 10 Firenze
  • YEAR: 2008 – in progress
  • PERFORMED SERVICES: Schematic and Detailed Design, Safety Manager


+ Restoration