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Community Health District – Panche Street – Florence


Healthcare Agency aims, through this intervention, to upgrade and complete the Florence District network  finding an important arrival point in the creation of the Neighborhood 5 District. The complex, in order to centralize the health and social services, is thought as a whole of formal themes  that  remind to various aspects of the city; although it is a unitary work, it shows its functional variety through the different accesses which identify the functional areas of the center. It houses social services for young people and it’s an health center district, full in specialized aspects, from speech therapy to rehabilitation services and child neuropsychiatry. Each entrance is formally recognized by singular elements: the portico, the glass portal, the corner porch, signs used to identify the services they provide. Facades’ materiality is made so as to emphasize the relationship between the intersecting volumes; the brick with stone courses, alternates with the clear concrete surfaces with horizontal relief courses  and marks on the outside a well-differentiated interior functionality. The building aims to create distinct spaces around itself, despite being a single building it changes according to the point of view as a fusion of more buildings or series of separate buildings. The outdoor space design is the concept completion that wants to be a urban concept and enclose service and hospitality meanings. Thus meeting squares and green parking area turns into shapes. The sinuous profile creates a large square for public relation including a play area for the children that will be among the privileged users of the center.


  • PROJECT:  Marcon Architetti
  • LOCATION: ITALY, Firenze
  • YEAR: 2002
  • CLIENT: Operatore Privato per ASL 10 Firenze
  • PERFORMED SERVICES: Preliminary and Schematic Design


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