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New Local Health Center in the Ex-Market Area – Prato


Hospital Area in Prato has been re-zoned so the New Local Health Center have been moved into the ex-market area. The new buildings replace the pre-existing buildings converting the empty area of the old market into a new urban space. Solid/void relation expresses the intensity and the dignity of an hybrid composition: on one hand the healthcare building’s accessibility and centrality; on the other the square, element key in the revitalization of the rezoning operation and renew public space open to the city. This space now shows a new face keeping alive the dignity of the previous architectures. Green space and floorings are expression of graceful geometries: a rounded shapes defines “the sculpture square”; green space keeps a regular rhythm increasing in intensity as to remind to the forest; finally on the east side cotto finishing of the square dialogues with the white concrete building turning into a porch. The project cornerstone is the southeast building which shows classical features as the vertical rhythm of the materials suggests: below the  stone clad base and the top brick coating. Material follows function: the architecture, still remaining continuous, is ideally divided into two volumes: the white concrete building, where relief courses run horizontally, which hosts administration and the masonry building, characterized by curved surfaces and regular openings and created to accommodate clinic activities. The whole complex turns into an urban microcosm where both the building and the square fulfill their public function.

  • PROJECT:  Marcon Architetti.
  • CLIENT: Azienda USL n°4 di Prato
  • YEAR: 2004-2008
  • PERFORMED SERVICES: Schematic and Detailed Design, Works Supervision


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