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New Humanistic Department in Crocetta Former Convent


The building was reconstructed in the 1800 over a monastic structure and since a century ago it became an university building. The project represents an important restoration work based on an essential revision of main distribution areas considered as potential spaces able to give a new character to the whole work: the main hall, even maintaining the original materials, has been changed in its spatial consistency by creating a new  empty volume that cuts vertically the entire building and overlooked by all planes’ landings. Finishes play an important role: from the wooden panels that glide on padded and come to the classrooms, to the floors and mirrors that multiply the light inside the spaces. The light goes up to hidden frescoes, that now wisely appear on the surface and beutify the vaults of reading room. Fixtures design gives a new character to facades and creates visual intensity.


  • PROJECT:  Marcon Architetti
  • LOCATION: ITALY, Firenze
  • CLIENT: CMSA  Società Cooperativa Muratori Sterratori e Affini di Montecatini Terme  (PT) e Università degli Studi di Firenze
  • YEAR: 2006-2007
  • PERFORMED SERVICES: Schematic and Detailed Design



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