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Mri Center for The Scientific Campus of Florence


The editor of the preliminary design, following the urban matrix and the requirement to realize magnets’ containers from900 MHz, chose an introverted solution, closed to the outside and which looked like a prefabricated architecture. Marcon Studio analyzes the functional components through the separation of the magnets’ area, from the offices and research places; and  moreover we link the building to the exterior, to the pedestrian spaces, integrating and connecting it into the context. The building looks austere to the designer, almost finished project, with a well defined “skeleton frame”, enclosed into an outer shell that makes it introverted. Last design phase, which defines the existing  building layout, revisits the relationships  between the  urban spaces in which the building fits.  Facades are dug; the porch connects the urban squares into the building, establishing a dialogue among the entities. Built environment becomes permeable to the urban flows, takes new features and seems to change attitude towards the surrounding. Exterior facades are restyled by new openings while courtyard full-length fixtures maintain the same draw and characterize the double-height space where the magnets will place. Coatings of concrete splitted blocks recall  the stone surface Santafiora of the neighbors Chemistry’s Departments and are adopted in order to ensure durability and stability over time to the building’s image. The gutter turns into a powerful design element; gutter treatment becomes a singular force with a new and fair character which sheds light on the architect’s mark. The metal element that runs around the perimeter of the roof is the stylish backdrop of the architecture and will suggest the future project for the New MRI  which will be built after a while on   the opposite side of the area by the same architect.

  • PROJECT:  Marcon Architetti
  • LOCATION: ITALY, Sesto Fiorentino (FI)
  • CLIENT: University of Florence
  • YEAR: 1996- 1998
  • PERFORMED SERVICES: Schematic and Detailed Design, Works Supervision


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