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New Mri Center for The Scientific Campus of Florence


The space is well – defined, such as the alignments; nevertheless the project goes through and breaks into the existing and preordained continuity of the Plan. The architectural sign starts from its key element: a the new magnets building, European Centre of Excellence and Research. The ellipsoidal element, such as in physics, represents the architecture core and source creating an high standing sign that shows itself clearly breaking the modular model of Detti Plan. The architectural frame is characterized by an L-shaped volume, two level high, which reminds to the other main symmetrical building located on the opposite edge of the same area. Different surface finishing(s) characterize the two wings of the building. The facade on Detti street comes as a strong and high standing sign, its ellipsoidal shape reminds to the things happening into the courtyard, and a selected choice of materials sharpens its graceful movement. The metal façade reveals itself and catches the visitor’s eyes with its white and translucent aspect. Metal and concrete characterized the other façade. The main ellipsoidal double-height space (7 mt) stands out in the middle, containing the new laboratory equipped for the great magnets. Wooden elements of its framework will be visible from both inside and outside the building, clad in pre-coated and fretted aluminum sheets. All the materials used in the project have THE physical characteristics compatible with the MRI suite safety. Architecture and design cover the proper use of space, the result is a “new” work that stands out from the surroundings and embeds itself mildly in a deeply defined context.


  • PROJECT:  Marcon Architetti
  • LOCATION:  ITALY, Sesto Fiorentino (FI)
  • CLIENT:  University of Florence
  • YEAR: 2000-2005
  • PERFORMED SERVICES: Schematic and Detailed Design, Works Supervision and Safety Manager


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