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New School Model For Libia


The layout is rational and it allows to save on the construction costs and to create a compact building which minimizes heat gains and energy consumption. The court is the central part of a volume which can be multiplied to increase the number of classrooms and related facilities according to the number of students. This model can be adapted for 10, 15, 25 or 40 classrooms with related facilities. This is very important because different sites have different requirements. The concept takes advantage of all the most advanced construction technologies which allow to decrease construction time and cost, maintaining at the same time quality and sustainability requirements. By providing sun shading, a smart use of the courtyards and certified materials, the building sustainability is guaranteed, meaning less maintenance costs in future years.

  • PROJECT: M+N Architecture
  • LOCATION: LIBIA, Various location
  • CLIENT:¬†Ministry of Education of Libia
  • YEAR: 2012
  • TOTAL GROSS BUILD UP AREA: Modular layout (from 2.100 smq to 9.800 smq)
  • PERFORMED SERVICES:¬†Preliminary Design


+ Education