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Office and Healthcare Center for Inail/Inps Agency



The project for the headquarter of Casalecchio di Reno INAIL/INPS agency has been deeply influenced by the spatial restrictions of the area building. The architect, leaded by the necessity of a landmark on an unclear and featureless area,  creates a building able to redefine the space and to create urbanity where it fails. So the volume lays down the building area leaving the space for the square, which embodies the collective consciousness in an almost non-place suburb. The architecture rises on the square as significant and emblematic icon of the society and at the same time self-referential in its formal language. Its solid  and imposing appearance becomes softer through  the half-rounded structure, boundary of both  the area and the square. Facades acquire corpulence  and fill up with the masonry color which reminds to the local tradition. The white courses feature the hierarchic function outside such as inside, to each floor. Openings, as almost geometrical default modules, lead to the flexibility of the interior space language. A pliable spatial “continuum” defines the hierarchies and the space layout, modifiable through the use of mobile walls. This architecture stands out as a totem on the landscape, in its wholeness and strength.

  • PROJECT: Marcon Architetti
  • LOCATION: ITALY, Casalecchio (BO)
  • CLIENT: GIA.FI Costruzioni S.p.A. Prato
  • YEAR: 2001-2004
  • TOTAL GROSS BUILD UP AREA: 2.742,7 smq
  • PERFORMED SERVICES: Preliminary, Schematic and Detailed Design, Works Supervision


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