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Real Estate Refurbishment In Asolo


The project proposal involved the total reconfiguration of the villa’s interior including structural and finishing aspects and furnishings. The project envisages the expansion of underground rooms for a new pool, that doesn’t make changes to the configuration of terrain and surrounding landscape. The basement’s coverage is a vault, both for aesthetic reasons, and to preserve the natural decline of above ground level, without a substantial change in the plani-elevation system. In order to have natural lighting in the basement it is created a glass wall that overlooks the outdoor space facing west to enjoy the warm glow of the sunset hours, when the structure can be used after the daily work activities. A careful study of the system of green, combined with various existing tree species, guarantees a good insertion of the new solution in the surrounding landscape. In fact the new volume and the adjacent area are edged with green accommodation and with climbing plantings to ensure a visual continuity between the overlying and the underlying spaces.

  • PROJECT:  Marcon Architetti.
  • CLIENT: Private
  • YEAR: 2000-2004
  • PERFORMED SERVICES: Preliminary, Schematic and Detiled Design, Works Supervision


+ Residences and Reception