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Recovery Center for Eating Disorders


The structure is divided to encourage the organizational flexibility, in order to meet the needs, as security, supervision, flexibility, functionality and easy care, that arise in the network of regional health services. The property includes a residential area and a day center. At this complex are added areas of socialization and areas of assessments and therapies. Spaces are designed to put a ease the occupants with a familiar and domestic look and to transmit serenity and tranquility. Our project focuses on the on the humanization of the spaces with an attitude mainly oriented and attentive to the person, conforming to its complex needs, creating a comfortable and welcoming environment, reassuring and not hostile. In that way we try to guarantee the physical, psychic and environmental well-being of every user. Architecture, furnishings, finishes, colors, material qualities, sign, sounds, smells, temperature, humidity, ventilation, lighting, hygiene are all at service of person and its needs. Through the use of colors we want to remodel functional spaces, recreating the conditions for obtaining the beneficial effects that this produces in environment and on user. It’s expected the use of colors, as different shades of red and orange, from coral to Mandarin, in public areas. Great importance has been given to the design of therapies area. They include spaces for group and individual therapy, medical office, infusion therapy room, a gym and a wide outer spaces with many paths, seats and a therapeutic vegetable garden.

  • PROJECT: ¬†Marcon Architetti.
  • LOCATION: ITALY, Castiglione della Pescaia
  • CLIENT: Azienda USL 9 Grosseto
  • YEAR: 2015 –¬†2016
  • PERFORMED SERVICE: Schematic and Detailed Design