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Residential Resort in Chianti – “Borgo Lecchi”


“Borgo Lecchi” is conceived  as a new residential village set in a precious landscape; this urban intervention intends to preserve and make this value as design pattern through a sustainable work. Masonry  walls choice and  the  thickened roofs which reduce heat loss and energy consumption represent sustainable features such as the building in relation with its surrounding:  the wise south-east  orientation, the prevailing wind estimation, even more the natural wind protection provided by the trees. The aim is to create a piece of an ancient city, a typical Tuscan burg where its square becomes the beating heart and the unifying element with public and tertiary activities that will make it alive. The outward appearance of the typical Chianti country house fit completely into the new architectures and the complex engages with its context through a deep relation. The echoes, in the collective imagination, appear strong: the tower becomes a compositional element on the skyline; chosen materials (wood, stone, plaster) belong to the traditional Tuscan architecture. The tradition  and sustainable design  are woven together in the entire building by using both renewable energies and the passive supplies: the architecture is not obliged to introduce a modern solutions to provide to  ensure high levels of sustainability. This architecture is not just a viewer, but it’s the key player in a powerful action for safeguarding the surrounding landscape and natural heritage.

  • PROJECT: Marcon Architetti
  • LOCATION: ITALY, Castellina in Chianti  (SI)
  • YEAR: 2004-2010
  • CLIENT: Private
  • PERFORMED SERVICES: Preliminary, Schematic and Detailed Design


+ Residences and Reception