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Safety and Sport Center


The project for the New Center of Security and Civil Protection and the New Sports Center develops in a suburban area of Vignola, a town near Modena. The project concerns an area of city expansion where the government has decided to establish the most representative buildings of public territorial institutions. The project is thought as an urban crown of buildings, with a maximum height of 5 floors, that surrounds a new residential expansion area. The complex is divided into several compartments, connected by pedestrian walkways, squares and green areas. The assignment includes the design of various public and private buildings:

– Police Station with its residence;

– Fire Station;

– Office for Civic Protection and various associations;

– Municipal Warehouse;

– Service Center with business activities, office and residences;

– School gym;

– Seniors gym

The project foresees the reorganization of vehicular, pedestrian and cycle system through new roads, green spaces, plazas, arcades and pedestrian and cycle paths.


  • PROJECT:  Marcon Architetti
  • LOCATION: ITALY, Vignola (MO)
  • CLIENT: Comune di Vignola
  • YEAR: 2008
  • PERFORMED SERVICE: Preliminary Design



+ Masterplan