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San Filippo Neri Complex in Modena


The project concerns in the renewal of an historical convent complex placed in Modena city centre which during the war (phase) suffered both collapses and post-reconstructions uncaring for the old historical structure. The building, designed for the new university housing, is under Superintendence restriction thus it is realized giving specific attention to the existing. The structural intervention, necessary for the new building use, was particularly complex and concerned in the Carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer, non-invasive technique. Restoration works were various and  regarding the original elements including those component collapsed during the war. Beside the restoration, Interior spaces are entirely redesigned so as to stand out for the comfortable standards and a new esthetic value. A complex plant system guarantees the whole building working. Machineries are allocated in a restored attic, which becomes walkable (in accordance with the context); moreover the use of inspectable ceilings for closing the airshafts is warranty of maintenance and thus durability. Acoustic comfort was another priority during project  planning and design, in fact  ceiling and wall sound-absorbing panels were well selected to provide the highest performances. Photovoltaic  panels are used to qualify the historical building, applying the standard of sustainability. The color sheds light on the facades renovating the original nuances using natural colors, in accordance with Municipal Administration directives, which in the last years quite precisely chose  the color to refresh cheerfully the city center. The elegant finishings of reading rooms fit perfectly in the ancient dress and respect its severity. Restored vaults hold new activities and seem to suggest a rigorous silence. After the project San Filippo Neri Institute turns  back to the city, and even for a different social function, it still keeps its historical properties of welcoming.

  • PROJECT: Marcon Architetti
  • YEAR: 2005-2010
  • CLIENT: Arestud di Modena
  • TOTAL GROSS BUILD UP: 6.134 smq
  • PERFORMED SERVICES: Preliminary, Schematic and Detailed Design, Works Supervision and Safety Manager



+ Residences and Reception