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Shopping Mall Hotel and Wellness Center


The complex belongs to an integrated Programme for urban and environmental requalification (PIUREA) in Possagno. Both natural and anthropic factors characterize deeply the context. On one side the classic venetian piedmont landscape showing its intense green where the white Canova Temple, almost ethereal yet powerful, embeds into it; on the other side a more industrial picture of the place made by modern sheds that lay downstream.  The project of the new polyfunctional center breaks off the ordinary uniformity of this industrial context. The architectural mark reminds to familiar pictures, it proposes the same set of the industrial building (typical of the area); landscape keeps them entirely with chimneys, pitched roofs, dusty small square  which  reflected its fair autochthonous industrial architecture. The project wants to break the monotony of the amorphous grey warehouses pretending to be an old industrial complex that turns into a shopping mall and at the same time hotel and wellness center. The rhythm slows down and the surrounding enriches in new different elements: a back to the classical canons as the open square and the traditional roof, typical of the venetian area. The adoption of this traditional typology reminds to a village enriched by new elements, icons of a renewed urbanity. Buildings overlook the inner square which is marked by the rhythm of the columns. A green circular space accompanies the square and swallows the SPA while maintaining a low profile, under the landscape, almost turns into a belvedere towards the Canova Temple. Masonry fills the facades giving plus value to the historical accuracy of the project.

  • PROJECT: Marcon Architetti
  • LOCATION: ITALY, Possagno (TV)
  • CLIENT: Privata
  • YEAR: 2006
  • PERFORMED SERVICES: Preliminary and Schematic Design



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