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Thanks to our multidisciplinary approach we are able to carry out complex projects in every phase of the architectural process, from feasibility studies and preliminary design to contracting and construction. Our in-house team of engineers is able to provide project and tender management and on site supervision. With our expertise we can guarantee the highest reduction of the building’s energy consumption and the optimization of bio-climatic aspects for every type of project. Our completed works span from new constructions to refurbishment and restoration of existing buildings, in different fields: education, residential, commercial, hospitality and healthcare.


Respect historical architecture and the maintenance of its constituent data and its main characterizations have the same scope and purpose of architectural restoration. The design we are dealing in restoration is neither separate nor independent from the historical knowledge and material, aesthetic and conservative, with respect to which must be able to make and give adequate responses. It should be paid attention to the inevitably interdisciplinary nature that the design in the field of restoration requires. For this, a methodologically sound intervention of maintenance and restoration is to heal the contradiction between creation and conservation, serving as technical, that is, consciousness of the old factory, identified on the rational foundation of knowledge, respect for historical discovery, but no stranger to technological issues, architectural, urban planning of the modern world


We believe that interior design is an important tool to ensure comfort and sustainability of living spaces. We give great attention to the details and we carefully choose finishes and materials. Our design comes alive and encapsulates the needs of every client.  Thanks to this we are able to provide turnkey solutions for the interior design and fit out of offices, hotels, clubs & bars, residential buildings and villas, restaurants, shops & boutiques. With our wide expertise we can take care of a project from its preliminary phase throughout the detailed design until the project and tender management and supervision.


We are aware that landscape is the perfect symbiosis between humanity and nature. The balance between these two presences guarantees beauty and personality to every context. The respect to the surroundings is not only passive admiration but becomes participation and proposal of energy-saving ideas and ever innovative technologies that improve the environmental value of the architecture.


The specialization of Marcon Architects in various fields and deepening of important issues such as bioclimatic and sustainability are an expression and result in a consolidated system, and claimed that guarantees today a ‘professional range of thickness and quality. The continuous updating and ‘assiduous practice of design give shape to the plurality of services that the firm offers:


7• Application of analysis and energy upgrading and existing buildings

• Analysis with infrared cameras to detect energy losses

• Calculating the heating requirements of buildings

• Calculation of the building envelope leakage

• Analysis technology packages and calculating the transmittance of building components



• Site analysis and study

• Analysis of the prevailing wind

• Solar mapping project using specific software with three-dimensional modeling

• Development of design solutions aimed at reducing the impact of energy ‘building

• Developing solutions for energy certification



• Architectural Project

• Coordination of specialized activities: Architectural, Structural and Plant Engineering



• Survey of properties with laser scanner and thermography

• Restoration project

• Coordination of specialized activities: Architectural, Decorative, Structural and Plant Engineering



• Analysis of Client’s needs and work areas

• Interior project

• Study and definition, flexibility and modularity, efficiency, communication, environmental comfort, identity

• Presentation with layout and moodboard



• Coordination of design choices

• Coherence with structural and engineering requirements

• Completeness of the project technical documentation



• Analysis of the regulatory framework

• Costing

• Supervision of technical drawings4

• Work organization and processes

• Management and coordination of activities

• Forecast times, costs and other indicators of the project

• Quality management



• Supervision of the construction works

• Relationships with RUP

• Accounting of the works

• Reservations treatment



• Worksite safety

• Fire design

• Classification of areas at risk of explosion and fire